Grow Your Professional Practice With Focused Practice Marketing Strategies

You do not need a complicated practice marketing program to grow your practice and your income. As a professional, your preferred marketing strategy is probably to hang out a shingle, do good work, and let word of mouth bring clients or patients into your practice. We can simplify your practice marketing almost that much, but not quite.

This website is devoted to showing you that simplifying will actually increase the effectiveness of your marketing by focusing tightly on catalyzing and propagating word of mouth marketing while protecting your image as a professional.

This is done through a focus on the conflux of two specialties: public relations and referral marketing.

Word of Mouth Is Most Effective

To understand, it is helpful to look at why word of mouth referrals are so effective. People are bombarded with marketing messages: advertising everywhere they look, solicitations in their mail boxes, phone calls during dinner, even samples at the grocery store. It is no wonder you do not want to associate yourself with that.

Word-of-mouth, however, is trustworthy. We tend to believe it because it comes from someone who probably does not have an agenda for personal benefit, i.e., they are not trying to sell us something. In PR terms, this is called a third party endorsement.

We will talk more about PR elsewhere on this site, but for now it is enough to know that public relations is so effective because of the credibility it provides and the credibility comes from implied or direct third party endorsements, very often through the media but in other ways as well.

Referral marketing is mostly self-explanatory. Instead of being unstructured like word-of-mouth, it simply organizes a few activities to encourage word of mouth referrals, the lifeblood of any professional practice.

These specialized marketing strategies gain visibility not just for you, the professional, but for your private practice as well. And they do this while maintaining and enhancing your professional image instead of cheapening it like advertising might.

See? Practice marketing simplified.

Professionals who have found the information on this site useful include those in the medical and health care professions, legal professionals, financial professionals and others, such as the design and building industry and real estate.

For the busy professional who would prefer to never think about marketing, this site will:

  • Help you focus and simplify, minimizing the time and money required to gain visibility in the community where you practice
  • Show you marketing strategies that maintain and enhance your image as a professional rather than diminishing it with overt sales tactics
  • Help you assess whether public relations and referral marketing are the right practice marketing strategies for you
  • Provide you with some basic information and resources you can use right now to begin marketing your practice
  • Guide you to additional resources that can help you grow your practice, increase your income while maintaining the current size of your practice, or maintain your current income while limiting your practice to allow more time off 

As a profession of its own, marketing can be as complicated as you want to make it and will take all the time and money you are willing to throw at it. However, by focusing on a few specific strategies you can spur word of mouth referrals and enhance your professional image, growing your practice, your income and your reputation.

We will do our part by keeping this site simple and easy to access, with some basic useful information and some tips about where to find more specific and in-depth assistance. If you want to maximize your practice marketing results while minimizing the time and money you invest, you have come to the right place.

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