The Third Element of the RACE Planning Formula

Action Planning

The communication component of the RACE formula is the one you have been waiting for! These are the action steps that comprise the execution of your PR plan.

That said, there are still some things I recommend you do to prepare yourself for the media attention you are seeking. These include:

  • Media training (There is a range of options available for you, from reading some simple tips to hiring a professional media training firm.)
  • Collateral materials (Today, press kit materials are usually only electronic--delivered via website or email--but it's still a good idea to have them.)
  • Biographies (Bios) of yourself and any other professionals in your firm for whom you want to broaden visibility
  • Photo of yourself and photos of any others in your firm that you wish to promote
  • Simple website
  • Media list

FINALLY, you are ready to determine what you will DO! The first step is to brainstorm all the possibilities. Here is a list of core activities you will want to include in your brainstorm:

  • Bylined articles
  • White papers
  • Op-Ed articles
  • Community workshops
  • Speeches
  • Newsletters
  • Local TV and/or radio guest
  • Media resource
  • Maximization of results 

There is further information about some of these tactics on the Free Marketing? page, and more in-depth guidance in my e-manual, PR for the Professions. Once you have a good list it is time to prioritize the tactics you want to implement.

At this point I have two paradoxical recommendations for you:

  1. Keep in mind that the more you do, the sooner you will achieve results and the faster you will realize your big goals;
  2. HOWEVER, it's a GOOD idea to start small so you learn early and are encouraged by success without being too overwhelmed.

Beginning this process can seem like an enormous task, especially if you have not developed a plan. Keeping it simple and taking it slowly are very important. I encourage you to get some help. If you don't have it in-house, get familiar with elance where professional writers and PR specialists are available very inexpensively as freelancers. You can also visit our Resources section to view some practitioners we recommend. Do remember, however, that many professionals have successfully grown their practices and incomes using a few focused PR tactics that are managed completely in-house.

If you have not disciplined yourself to prepare a plan, I strongly recommend you do so before starting tactical communication. Ordering my e-manual will give you step-by-step instructions so that by the time you are finished reading it, you will have an action plan in place and ready to implement.

I know this sounds self-serving (of course, I would like you to buy my book), but my main reason for emphasizing this here is that I don't think you will be effective if you try to proceed haphazardly without a plan and I know my manual is the simplest way for you to develop one. It will also enable you to much more easily enlist the help of others and make your entire PR program seem doable. Enough said.

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