Additional Marketing Resources

To Help You Grow Your Professional Practice

There are an endless number of marketing resources available that can assist you in promoting and growing your professional practice. The key, of course, is to stay focused and drill down to deeper expertise rather than dispersing your efforts.

My goal is to provide you with some referrals to tools and resources that can help you implement your marketing program. This is another way to keep things simple for yourself and avoid becoming overwhelmed or stuck.

NOTE: In some cases I may receive a monetary benefit if you purchase or use products or services listed below or elsewhere on this site. However, be assured that whether or not I receive any compensation, I would not be listing them if I did not believe in their value to you or your practice. Your participation also helps continue the availability of the free information on this site.

Consulting Assistance

PrestoExperts is a website that matches experts with people who have questions or need services in many different areas of expertise. Clicking on the link below will take you to Christine Pillsbury's PrestoExperts profile, where you can ask her your PR and marketing questions in real time on a per minute basis, hire her for special projects or access experts on other topics. You may also be interested in offering your own expertise on this site!

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Public Relations For Professionals

PR for the Professions is a group of customized short-courses that teach professionals simple, implementable marketing methods for reaching their business goals. This is accomplished primarily through a few specific public relations techniques that establish an image of the professional as an expert in his or her community.

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