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Add Clients and Raise Fees Using SIMPLE Public Relations Techniques that Establish you as an EXPERT in Your Community

Welcome to PR for the Professions, short, customized courses that teach professionals simple, implementable marketing methods to reach their business goals and improve their quality of life by positioning themselves as experts in the communities where they practice.

Please click below on your professional designation for further information on marketing your practice using public relations strategies that enhance your reputation and credibility.

PR for the Professions Programs

PR for Health Care Professionals (doctors, dentists, optometrists, chiropractors, psychologists, physical therapists, veterinarians and more)

PR for Legal Professionals (lawyers, attorneys and mediators)

PR for the Professions - Inclusive (realtors, architects, contractors, engineers and many other self-employed professionals)

PR for Financial Professionals - Coming Soon!
(stock brokers, tax preparers, insurance agents, financial planners, community bankers and accountants)

PR Is the Preferred Strategy

Public relations is the best marketing activity for professionals because it:

  • Educates - and thus by its very nature provides value to the community
  • Conveys professionalism
  • Establishes credibility and trust

Plus, if you are conducting other types of marketing in your practice, public relations will make those activities more effective by supporting them with the credibility conveyed through media coverage.

Although there are many aspects to PR, the one most suitable to professionals is called expert positioning. This simply means that you want to be seen by the public as an expert resource, as THE person to go to for the best service available and for the most accurate and thorough information.

This is not about advertising. Anyone who wants to spend money can advertise and say just about anything they want. The public knows this, and so they give it very little credibility, if they pay attention at all.

Besides, you don’t want to come across looking like a money-focused sales pro; you simply want people to be aware of your practice and develop a preference for you as their provider that is based on respect for your knowledge and experience.

Most people see the value of media coverage and other types of PR, but have no idea how to make it happen. I can tell you it’s no accident, but some simple public relations tools, many that your staff can help you implement, will enable you to reap the benefits of community name recognition, respect for you and your practice, client loyalty, and status as a preferred professional resource—resulting in higher incomes and, if you desire, more leisure time.

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What Others Are Saying

"PR for Health Care Professionals shows you how to build your practice and its value while enhancing your professional prestige. I wish I’d had this book 20 years ago. It’s well-written and worth many times the price.”

~ Richard Tarver, dentist

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