PR for the Professions

The Benefits of Advertising Without the Cost, While Maintaining Your Dignity and Credibility

SIMPLE public relations techniques that establish you as an EXPERT
in your community

It’s been said that we all get our 15 minutes of fame.

But what if you were one of the lucky few who gets much, much more?

Whether you are just starting your practice or are a seasoned professional, PR for the Professions will tell you how you can multiply your income by becoming known in your local community as an expert in your field, in a way that retains your image as a professional.

Or if you prefer, it will show you how to reclaim your life by working less hours while charging higher fees.

This is not about advertising. Anyone who wants to spend money can advertise and say just about anything they want. The public knows this and so they give it very little credibility, if they pay attention at all.

Besides, you don’t want to come across looking like a money-focused sales pro; you simply want people to be aware of your practice and develop a preference for you as their provider, one that is based on respect for your knowledge and experience.

Public relations is the way. It is the best marketing activity for professionals because it:

  • Educates and thus by its very nature provides value to the community
  • Conveys professionalism
  • Establishes credibility and trust

And if you are conducting other types of marketing in your practice, public relations will make them more effective by supporting them with the credibility conveyed through media coverage.

Although there are many aspects to PR, the one most suitable to professionals is called expert positioning. This simply means that you want to be seen by the public as an expert resource, as THE person to go to for the best service available and for the most accurate and thorough information.

Most professionals see the value in that, but have no idea how to make it happen.

I can tell you it’s no accident, but some simple tools, many that your staff can help you implement, will enable you to reap the benefits of community name recognition, respect for you and your practice, patient loyalty and status as a true preferred provider—resulting in higher incomes and, if you desire, more leisure time.

Twenty years in the Public Relations Trenches

My name is Chris Pillsbury and I have worked in the public relations profession for over 20 years as a writer, strategist, program implementer, manager, trainer and executive.

I know that one of the best ways to create the visibility and trust that will grow your practice and your revenue is the use of PR strategies that establish you as an expert in your community.

So what is public relations? It’s simply communication with your desired audiences through the media (and sometimes other perceived-as-objective third parties).

As the owner of a community public relations firm, I worked for professionals in many disciplines to help them gain local visibility and grow their practices. As an executive in a national PR firm, I also had to decline PR services to professionals who were too small to afford our agency's fees.

I wrote PR for the Professions, a manual for busy professionals in private practice, because I know that:

  • You already have most of what you need to implement a successful PR program.
  •  PR activities, specifically expert positioning tactics, are perfectly suited to achieving the business and service goals of busy professionals.
  • With a little guidance, you can plan and execute a PR program on your own that will give you one of the most successful and respected practices in your community.

This manual explains, step-by-step, what to do and how to do it. It provides a natural phased approach for implementing one piece at a time, until you are seen in your community as the preferred professional in your field, with the prestige and trust that attracts clients and makes them willing to pay a premium for your time.

And if you still prefer to work with a PR agency, the knowledge and planning you'll gain from PR for the Professions will enable you to improve their results and save yourself considerable money.

Whether you are an architect, engineer, artist, coach, graphic designer, massage therapist, photographer, realtor or other professional, you will learn:

  • How to create a PR program and measure its success
  • What you need to get started, before talking to the media
  • The best tactics for reaching your audience through the media, and instructions for how to carry them out
  • How to write a pitch letter asking a local publication to publish an article you've written
  • How to get the media to do a story on you or to call you for a quote about topics in your profession that they are writing about
  • How to involve your staff in creating and executing your PR program
  • How to increase loyalty among your current clients
  • How to turn your natural desire to educate people about your profession into awareness and preference for your practice while enhancing your image as a professional expert
  • How to parlay your local media experience into exposure in the regional and national media, or in your professional publications, if that is your desire
  • …and much more!

Become The Expert In Your Community

As a professional, you are providing a service - so one of your most precious resources is time. You make money by seeing clients. You want your marketing activities to make you more money, not cost you by consuming too much of your time.

PR for the Professions shows you how to minimize your time investment by teaching your staff how to conduct most of the activities for you. Once you understand WHAT to do, you can enlist others to do most of it.

As you read the manual, you will be given activities to drop into an action plan, so that by the time you have finished reading, you can have a completed plan, ready for delegation and implementation.

I feel so strongly about how easy this will make it for you to take action that I’ll include an electronic plan template, absolutely free, with your order.

Agree to look at PR for the Professions risk-free. All you need to do is click on the order button at the bottom of this page and follow the simple instructions.

Order today and you’ll also receive these bonuses:

    Free Bonus Gift #1
Electronic Action Plan Template

This easy to complete template makes creating your PR plan fast and simple—you’ll be 95% done by the time you finish reading PR for the Professions. Hiring a PR or marketing firm to do this for you could easily cost you $1000 - $5000!

   Free Bonus Gift #2
Media Interview Tips

With each copy of PR for the Professions, I'll also give you a copy of my media tip sheet, "50 Tips for the Perfect Media Interview." Just print it out and keep it beside you to use as an easy reference when you need it!

Free Bonus Gift #3
Samples Packet

You’ll receive a sample media pitch letter for a bylined article, PLUS examples of completed articles. You’ll also receive a sample letter used to ask a few current clients, when appropriate, for a testimonial, willingness to speak to a local reporter, etc.

Free Bonus Gift #4
Lifetime Discount

Receive a 25% discount on future “PR for the Professions” products, such as teleseminars, workshops, private consultations and customized writing projects.

How much does all this cost? You can purchase PR for the Professions, including the manual and all the bonuses listed above, for only $50.

Take action now before it slips your mind; the sooner you order, the sooner you can get your PR program underway.

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Ideal If You Want To...

  • Establish a new practice or expand geographically
  • Grow your current practice and grow your total income
  • Raise your fees so you can reduce your client load and take more time off without losing income
  • Increase referrals, add new revenue streams or add new clients to your practice
  • Increase loyalty among your current clients

IN SHORT, if you want to increase your prestige in your community while gaining visibility for your professional services WITHOUT looking like you’re marketing, then I recommend you give PR for the Professions a try.

Still not sure? Here is my personal promise to you…

100% Risk-Free!
Money-Back Guarantee

I’ll assume all the risk so you can’t lose. Take 60 days to review my book. If for any reason you feel it’s not worth the purchase price, just return it for a 100% refund.

I think you'll agree: That's as fair as it gets. Ready to climb on board?

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I'm looking forward to delivering your eBook and bonuses... and watching you achieve great things.


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