How a Practice Marketing Newsletter Benefits Your Professional Practice

A practice marketing newsletter can be simple, easy to produce and free to send. Thousands of companies and businesses worldwide are benefiting from newsletter marketing. An electronic newsletter, or enewsletter, helps your practice stay in touch with your current and prospective patients or clients. Email newsletters are quickly becoming the preferred communication tool among private practice professionals because they offer so many benefits.

Here are a few of the benefits of an electronic newsletter in your practice marketing program:

Saves Time and Money: Once you initially design your enewsletter template, updating and sending your practice marketing newsletter is simple, fast and budget-friendly. Since you don’t have to be concerned with postage fees and per item printing charges, you can send your newsletter to a larger group.

There are plenty of affordable providers who offer easy-to-use templates and mailing list services, as well as customer service assistance.

Builds Referrals and Awareness: Enabling patients or clients to interact with your practice through an electronic newsletter provides the opportunity to enhance those relationships, as well as begin new associations through referrals. You will want to state in the newsletter that readers are free to pass it along to others, as long as they do so without editing.

In business, the old adage “out of sight, out of mind” is problematic; therefore, keeping in touch with long-standing, new or prospective clients through an email newsletter gives your practice a presence that can translate into increased visits or sales. Just make sure your content is interesting, informative and concise.

Builds a Mailing List Easily: When patients or clients visit your practice or your website, ask them if they would like to sign up for your practice marketing newsletter or occasional special offers. If you have a website, you can add a place right on the home page that asks them to sign up to receive your enewsletter.

When a visitor to your website opts to receive your electronic newsletter, it can convert that person into a new client or patient. The ease with which an email can be forwarded to a friend or colleague also means that your newsletter marketing may bring you new business through referrals from existing patients or clients.

Patients Welcome Your Newsletter: Your clients and prospects have opted to receive this newsletter and other communication from you. Opt-in email marketing is when the recipient of the intended message has consented to receive it. Signing up for an electronic newsletter is one example of opt-in email marketing. In order to maintain their willingness to stay on your email list, your practice marketing newsletter needs to provide useful and valuable content.

Provides Valuable Education and New Product Developments: An email newsletter also helps you keep existing and prospective clients or patients up-to-date with the most recent information on new products and developments, increasing their exposure to your practice. It can also be a good way to increase your own productivity in the office by sharing educational information in the newsletter that you would otherwise need to provide to each individual during appointments.

Builds Customer Loyalty: A well-written, informative enewsletter can bond the reader with your practice. By providing quality content in your electronic newsletter, you add value for your clients and build loyalty that can last a lifetime. An email newsletter opens the opportunity for your patients to easily interact with you and for you to enhance your relationship with them.

Can Increase Revenues: A special offer, discount or sale gives readers of your practice marketing newsletter an incentive to make an immediate purchase. It is also possible to introduce additional products or services with which your clients might not be familiar, ideally creating new business. In this manner, an electronic newsletter can add to the sales revenues of your practice.

Creates Immediate Results: Newsletter marketing is timely. You can publicize events, promote new products and services and announce special sales. Print newsletters can take several weeks to put together, print and mail. By the time these newsletters reach their recipients, much of the news and information contained in them might be out of date or insignificant. An electronic newsletter, however, can be prepared, formatted and updated right up until the moment it is sent, thus making any information contained in it current and relevant.

Provides Ongoing Email Marketing Opportunities: Your database of subscriber email addresses can be used for all kinds of promotional purposes, such as the electronic postcard that announces a special sale, event, webinar, new office location or addition of a new professional associate to your private practice.

An electronic practice marketing newsletter is just one way to show your practice’s strengths and advantages, while reinforcing a valuable relationship with your clients or patients. Once you’ve created your first one, the rest will be quick and easy to maintain on an ongoing basis and can be easily delegated to office staff. Best of all: no postage!

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